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California Sales Taxes 2019 San Bernardino County, California Sales Tax Rate

Taxing Jurisdiction Rate
California State
San Bernardino County
Max City / Locality Rate
Combined Sales Tax: 8.75%

Components of the 8.75% San Bernardino County sales tax

The county-level sales tax rate in San Bernardino County is 0.25%, and all sales in San Bernardino County are also subject to the 6% California sales tax. Cities, towns, and special districts within San Bernardino County collect additional local sales taxes, with a maximum sales tax rate in San Bernardino County of 8.75%. The total sales tax rates for all 73 cities and towns within San Bernardino County are listed in the table below.

City Name Tax Rate
Fontana, CA 7.75%
San Bernardino, CA 8%
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 7.75%
Ontario, CA 7.75%
Victorville, CA 7.75%
Rialto, CA 7.75%
Chino Hills, CA 7.75%
Upland, CA 7.75%
Chino, CA 7.75%
Redlands, CA 7.75%
Hesperia, CA 7.75%
Apple Valley, CA 7.75%
Highland, CA 7.75%
Colton, CA 7.75%
Yucaipa, CA 7.75%
Montclair, CA 8%
Barstow, CA 7.75%
Bloomington, CA 7.75%
Adelanto, CA 7.75%
Twentynine Palms, CA 7.75%
Yucca Valley, CA 8.75%
Loma Linda, CA 7.75%
Hesperia, CA 7.75%
Phelan, CA 7.75%
Grand Terrace, CA 7.75%
Crestline, CA 7.75%
Big Bear Lake, CA 7.75%
Joshua Tree, CA 7.75%
Mentone, CA 7.75%
Big Bear City, CA 7.75%
Fort Irwin, CA 7.75%
Helendale, CA 7.75%
Wrightwood, CA 7.75%
Running Springs, CA 7.75%
Lake Arrowhead, CA 7.75%
Lucerne Valley, CA 7.75%
Pinon Hills, CA 7.75%
Needles, CA 7.75%
Blue Jay, CA 7.75%
Morongo Valley, CA 7.75%
Newberry Springs, CA 7.75%
Twin Peaks, CA 7.75%
Sugarloaf, CA 7.75%
Landers, CA 7.75%
Cedar Glen, CA 7.75%
Yermo, CA 7.75%
San Bernardino, CA 7.75%
Hinkley, CA 7.75%
Earp, CA 7.75%
Forest Falls, CA 7.75%
Rimforest, CA 7.75%
Lytle Creek, CA 7.75%
Baker, CA 7.75%
Oro Grande, CA 7.75%
Angelus Oaks, CA 7.75%
Pioneertown, CA 7.75%
Daggett, CA 7.75%
Fawnskin, CA 7.75%
Patton, CA 8%
Amboy, CA 7.75%
Essex, CA 7.75%
Vidal, CA 7.75%
Guasti, CA 7.75%
Nipton, CA 7.75%
Mt Baldy, CA 7.75%
Bryn Mawr, CA 7.75%
Skyforest, CA 7.75%
Crest Park, CA 7.75%
Parker Dam, CA 7.75%
Red Mountain, CA 7.25%
Mountain Pass, CA 7.75%
Cedarpines Park, CA 7.75%
Green Valley Lake, CA 7.75%

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