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Wyoming Sales Taxes 2018 Sheridan County, Wyoming Sales Tax Rate

Taxing Jurisdiction Rate
Wyoming State
Sheridan County
Max City / Locality Rate
Combined Sales Tax: 6%

Components of the 6% Sheridan County sales tax

The county-level sales tax rate in Sheridan County is 2%, and all sales in Sheridan County are also subject to the 4% Wyoming sales tax. None of the cities or municipalities within Sheridan County collect any additional local sales taxes, so the sales tax rate applicable to all twelve of the cities and towns listed below is 6%.

City Name Tax Rate
Sheridan, WY 6%
Ranchester, WY 6%
Dayton, WY 6%
Big Horn, WY 6%
Story, WY 6%
Banner, WY 6%
Wolf, WY 6%
Arvada, WY 6%
Leiter, WY 6%
Wyarno, WY 6%
Parkman, WY 6%
Clearmont, WY 6%

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