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Nebraska Sales Taxes 2018 York County, Nebraska Sales Tax Rate

Taxing Jurisdiction Rate
Nebraska State
York County
Max City / Locality Rate
Combined Sales Tax: 7.5%

Components of the 7.5% York County sales tax

The county-level sales tax rate in York County is N/A, and all sales in York County are also subject to the 5.5% Nebraska sales tax. Cities, towns, and special districts within York County collect additional local sales taxes, with a maximum sales tax rate in York County of 7.5%. The total sales tax rates for all seven cities and towns within York County are listed in the table below.

City Name Tax Rate
York, NE 7.5%
Henderson, NE 7%
Waco, NE 5.5%
Mc Cool Junction, NE 5.5%
Bradshaw, NE 5.5%
Gresham, NE 5.5%
Benedict, NE 5.5%

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